We live and work in Croatia. Available for live coaching and educational process in the region (EMEA)  but also online in very diverse set of tools.


Value of the coaching for the individual is now taken for granted. But companies often miss the further step of team development through team coaching.

People in management and leadership roles often have a growht edge in integrative skills. Those that connect business skills and direct the behaviour in different business situations: change management, people development skills, internal service culture development, managing working pressure and lowering tensions and stress in teams.

Necessary part of development of these skills is happening through daily project and work experiences – interaction with other managers and own peers. When you add team coaching to the structure of learning, there is increased focus, awareness, application of knowledge and team cooperation and culture (space between siloses).

Team Competences

While working on the competences of an individual manager can increase the quality of his / her work. Through team learning is encouraged to harmonize the diversity of executives and their complementarity. In other words, playing team into a completely different level of efficiency and professionalism.

From a systematic assessment of the development of competences in the organization, we can conclude about the development of the competence of a particular executive. The outcomes of these estimates would be used as input information in this development process and formed recommendations for further development.

Insight into organizational / team patterns and team competence

It is important to us not only see if there is a person of competence (what we have an insight through the systematic assessment of the competence in the organization) than with which attitude and energy of its competence benefits. The attitudes and feelings or reactions of the executives are critical in working, especially demanding situations (based on Lewin’s knowledge).

Tools like an organizational barometer / 4 rooms change / enable team members to become more aware of their behavioral patterns and mutual interactions. We are interested in team habits (behavioral forms) and achievement of team competencies.

To the organization is more important team competence – eg decision-making skills than individual ‘determination’ of one leader. It is important to train the team, the ability to use use the knowledge and experience of peers of a manager (and colleagues, superiors, teams we lead).

Skillfully moving through changes

The team teaches the basic principles of human behavior in everyday business situations – as we move on away from the rituals and previous habits:
How to make a timely decision and to include people in its realization? Which is the real role of a person or team in an organizational process? W
hat kind of energy is made by a person in the process and how one can effectively act with others?

Team teaches cooperation through dialogue and deeper understanding of how they work together
Often, quality of cooperation is implied and rarely examined, even when it is indeed not good. Moderated team encounters give a chance for a thorough and core dialogue (non-conflict learning) on ​​cooperation. Instead of diagnosing from the outside, the team brings its own insights and changes to discussion and new agreements. The outcome of the team coaching – an agreement – one or a range of development initiatives that are necessary for better cooperation and management in the organization. Instead of citing the development suggestions given as a result of professional analysis, observations or measurements, team recognizes agreement as own set path for development.

We live and work in Croatia. Available for live coaching and educational process in the region, but also online in very diverse set of tools.